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The graphic work of Kees van Dongen is the specialism of Juffermans Fine Art



Juffermans Fine Art, active since 1980, is the leading dealer of the graphic work and works on paper by Kees van Dongen (1877 - 1968) one of the world-famous 'fauve'-painters. Almost all Van Dongen's lithographs, etchings and pochoirs (stencils) and his illustrated books can be shown in our stock. This collection may be regarded as the most impressive in the world.

'Kees van Dongen - The Graphic Work', the catalogue raisonné of all of Van Dongen's lithographs, etchings, pochoirs, illustrated books and lithographic posters, is compiled by Juffermans Sr. (1944-2011) and Jan Juffermans Jr.  and published in 2002.  Presented with a major exhibition in Museum De Kunsthal Rotterdam of the complete Van Dongen fine prints collection of Juffermans Fine Art.

September 2010 the new edition of this catalogue 'Kees van Dongen - The Complete Graphic Work' was published.

As the compiler of these catalogues  Jan Juffermans is the be considered as the worldwide expert on the graphic work of Kees van Dongen.

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Juffermans is the author and publisher of the catalogue raisonné 'Kees van Dongen - The Complete Graphic Work'

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